Discussing Peter McCullough's Recent Article (

Viruses are still not real, no matter how many claims the controlled opposition makes and no matter how much people desire it to be true. Dive into the why and how with this video. If you need more, Tom Cowan has many many more videos along with Andy Kaufman, Sam Bailey, Stefan Lanka (ex-“virologist”), Michael Yeadon the ex head of Pfizer, and many more. Wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so, but THE truth will set you free. Tom does an excellent assessment of why believing something that isn’t true is extremely harmful in the beginning of the video. Peter McCullough and all the others pushing the germ theory in the so called health freedom movement are controlled opposition. They have all been presented with the truth and asked many times to have discussions about it and they refuse every single time. That is not the mark of honesty no matter what subject you’re talking about.

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1 year ago

Why is the ‘Dr Tom Cowan’ logo using occult symbology?