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1 month ago

Unfortunately, humans have been asking this too. I think that the following idea gets near to the heart of the intellectual problem.

Some things in this world are quite definite and others are very vague. It’s easier for the skeptic to deny the vague things. The most vague thing is reality itself. The skeptic might say, “Since you can’t prove that there’s a reality without assuming its existence in the premise of your argument, there’s no reason to believe in reality.” Similarly, he can deny the beauty in the Grand Canyon: “You can’t prove that it’s beautiful so there’s no reason to believe it’s beautiful.”

On the more definite side of the spectrum, it’s easy to prove that fire can ignite paper. All the components of that sentence are very definable. The skeptic would have to take his skepticism to the extreme to deny this fact.

As far as why anyone should believe that humans are different from computers, the first thing that pops into my head is that humans are creative whereas computers aren’t. By “creative” I mean ‘able to make novel and beautiful things or come up with novel, elegant solutions.’ The problem is that this argument relies on vague ideas like beauty and elegance. Another argument is that unlike computers, humans are conscious; but the idea of consciousness is also quite vague. The skeptic can too easily dismiss these arguments.

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1 month ago

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