Subliminal image on the second channel of France in 1988

Translation: “Subliminal Mittérand 1988 at the 1988 presidential”(0:01), “See in the 2″(0:05), “Slowed”(0:27)

From 1987 to 1988 (year of the presidential elections) this credits was shown every day to thousands of viewers on France’s second channel.

It was a bit scandalous at the time because we can see in subliminal the face of François Mitterand who as if by magic this same year was elected president(in fact reelected he did 2 mandates)

(Also note that this hidden message is much more visible on a larger screen, so perfect for TVs of that time)

+ Mitterrand is the president who commissioned the construction of the Louvre pyramid, a highly symbolic place; first president to officially receive Freemasons at the Elysée; at his funeral the hearse carrying his body bore the number 666

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1 year ago

I think show me the receipts. I wish these articles would link to the claims they make.