Rosalía's Transformation in La Fama feat. The Weeknd Displaying Chilling Truth of the Elite Rituals

With her new album solo hit featuring an Elite well-initiated darling, the Weeknd, Rosalía undergoes a transformation of her own in the music video of La Fama(The Fame).

 But first, lets talk about the album symbolism and backstory, shall we? 

 As already stated in the previous article I(KpopInsignio) made about her, Rosalía has a penchant for displaying illuminati-favoured symbols like one-eye and also providing Mk Ultra associations with teddy bear imagery and, most notably – a new-found obsession with butterflies. The whole time of the album promotion, she wore butterfly adorn on her teeth(???) at seemingly all-times and sported a dress with a butterfly pattern. 

MORE butterfly photos from her Instagram

Beta Kitten with leather gloves and a butterfly necklece.

 Not only that, but the context that frames this obsession is as a goal for promoting  her new album – Motomamí. As one suspects – it bears a lot of butterfly symbolism as its’ central theme:

Pattern of repeating butterflies painted minimalisticaly in red over Rosalía’s overly-exposed and n**ed body on the album cover and its tour advertisments.

 Meanwhile, she herself gave an insight as to why she uses the butterfly sigil as her new album mascot in a Genious interview for her song, Saoko:

– Here she says that the butterflies usually SCARE her, but that she has always been attracted to scary things. Furthermore, she alleges that the stage represents the same scary things that she likes to explore. That is all well and fine, but one still wonders in which way the butterfly imagery is related to her her album as she only relates it to the fear of stage in the interview. Weirdly, the conteinment of the album never explores stage fright exactly. It’s all been left rather unclear, and even in her answer over how it relates to the album she seems unsure of what to say, and just closes the subject down with – “Well, thats how it came to be the symbol of this album, and that’s it!”

Luckly, there ARE some references refeering to TRANSFORMATION in relation to a buttefly in the forementioned song Saoko:

“I’m very much me, I transform

A butterfly, I transform

Drag queen makeup, I transform

“Lluvia de estrellas” (Stars raining), I transform

Going overboard, I transform

Like Sex Siren, I transform

I contradict myself, I transform

I’m every things, I transform”

Already, there is a reference for Beta Kitten Programing in the mention of its’ key concepts like Sex Siren, butterfly and radical transformation and division(‘I contradict myself’ and ‘I’m everything’) of personality.

Still, it is clear that the Elite won’t openly admit to using butterfly symbolism as an Occultist form of mind control and transformation and is more likely to show it off in the form of symbols and storytelling. To find the clearest answer as to why the sigil of the album is a butterfly we must, in turn, investigate the music video for La Fama featuring The Weeknd. 

 The lyrics of the song La Fama reveal a love for Fame. Yes, it is Fame with F as the Fame from Rosalía’s song is a woman which seduces and entraps both men and women alike with her charm and inso they can’t forget her. Still, both Rosalía and The Weeknd advise against the dangers of Fame as ‘she’ is both jealous and trecherous and demands too much: with even a marrige to ‘her’ implied. Did they get rid of this toxic love that only hurts them, or are they condemned to follow the whims of their doom, we shall see following the music video. 

 Directed by a famous and prolific Hollywood music video director – Director X, the video starts with a blue, calming palette and is all-around adorned with glistening diamonds, fresh suits and eccentric gowns. With all the signs of unecessary luxury like drinking diamonds and allusions to drug use, we are assured this is not an ordinary party – but a party of a financial elite waiting to be entertained.

He is ingesting diamond powder, that’s how filthy rich he is.

 Next, a man in a fully black suit sporting a cross(Maybe Satan) introduces them to the nights’ ‘entertainer’, not La Rosalía, but La Fama:

Rosalía as ‘La Fama’ standing in front of a big ‘Motomamí’ butterfly symbol decorated STAGE (pertaining to the impending transformation which is about to unfold) which is colored WHITE in the beginning of the video. White is used as a symbol of innocence in an initiation. Maybe this is the stage that she feared and was refering to in an interview?

She dances seductively for a while, not looking quite content, until she catches someone in the audience:

 Caleb is the only one in the audience not sporting the proper ambient colors. The color of his clothes is the color of sacrifice – RED.

What’s more, he is the only one not eating anything nor drinking the red drink others are. All of this is an indication that he is going to be that nights’ special.

As ‘La Fama’ is getting closer and closer to The Weeknd, the glowing white butterfly and the following ambience change to blue and purple colors, implying a dark transformation.

Devil hornes

The Weeknd being illuminated

La Fama later on calles onto The Weekend to join her on the stage. After that the stage turns blood red, the transformation of the butterfly is now in its’ ritualistic color as she knows she had enticed him enough for him to follow her. She, then, performs a ritual in a form of performing a m**der on a stage. The audience is enthralled, and not disgusted, by this, as this is exactly what they came for. To see a not a mere show, but a sinister transformation taking place. As it is said the best way to reach the spirit world is by spilling fresh blood. 

La Rosalía, now surely transformed into the vicious La Fama spilling the fresh blood from the knife onto the stage as a mockery of Cristian pouring of the Holy water as a blessing.

Transformation is now complete. La Fama dances over passing The Weeknd triumphantly. Unsure, if this is only depicting a Beta or also a Delta(killer) programming.

 But, there is but one certainty – whatever pertains to the hold of “La Fama” – it’s not easy to let go, as the song notes:

“There’s no way
This obsession goes away
Hightail it, disappear
I still haven’t figured out a way (Ah-ah-ah)
There’s no way to make it go away”

– Sounds an awful lot when one sells one soul to the devil for fame 

In conclusion, 

we cannot say with certainty that the stage Rosalía was refeering to as her inspiration for butterflies as the logo for the new album was all about her fright of stage. Furthermore, there seem to be much more sinister explanations for her new affinity. By exploring the music video and meaning of La Fama an affinity that is revealed is one for a metafisical, ritalistic transformation transforming her into a femme fatale killer with no remorse attending exclusive parties. Only so she could herself become ‘The Fame’ itself, this woman was ready for all in order to apphease to the elite. Even sell her soul to the devil, the fame itself. As the outro man says – “Don’t forget, be careful what you wish for.”

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1 year ago

Great article! Also check out her boyfriends (Rauw Alejandro) tattoos..Butterflies,compass, and weird symbols all over..He is also branded with a Rosalía tattoo on his stomach

1 year ago

I’ve noticed this big trend within the last few years. It seems that the hip hop/R&B/rap artists that are female will act seductive and dress scantily, then kill men. What an ironic liberty 😒