Mind control: The metaverse may be the ultimate tool of persuasion (

In an unregulated metaverse, a controlling force with deep knowledge of users can use feedback loops to drive them toward a desired goal.

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1 year ago

The metaverse is the long term agenda of the controlling forces of this world.

They plan to convince everyone to exist within their false reality for all eternity. This is the ultimate soul trap, which they plan to have people willingly enter to cheat death and live forever as a cyborg connected to the metaverse (yes, like in the Matrix movies..).

They have already seeded their intentions to block out the sun and so this will only convince people further to live within this false reality. They will claim you can be free from dangers of the real world by living in this false world.

This is their way of becoming like God by creating their own false existence. If you value freedom, this agenda must be opposed and stopped — or face an eternity trapped within their false reality hell world.