Halloween III- Season of the Witch

This movie was released in the early 1980’s and was presented to have occurred on Halloween in 1982. 

The movie was ahead of it’s time- so to speak. The movie was not as popular as the other Halloween trilogies- it did not include Michael Meyers. 

Please follow the Wikipedia link and read the plot. The plot provides a quick overview of the movie, and it is quite telling. 

This movie includes:Druid practices, Samhain, child sacrifice, sacrifice/death using technology, death via television programming,  androids that kill, and surveillance with technology- quite a bit to unpack. 

It also reminded me of the following song: Season of the Witch- released on 09/25/1966. Recorded by: Donovan, released on the album: Sunshine Superman.  

And for some who may question my screen name, the following is an explanation:

Please refer to Genesis 1:3- God said, “let there be light”; and there was light. 1:4 God saw the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness.

Gematria 74 “tells the story of the cycle of time from beginning to the fulfillment and completion of the plan of God.”- Bonnie Gaunt- from the book: Genesis One

Please remember, fear and anger are the same- they are negative emotions. Those who have turned away from God/Yahweh/Great Spirit ‘feed’ off of negativity-fear and anger. The only ‘power’ They receive is what you give..

In closing, everything you need, is within you.

“All that is truly of God brings peace, harmony, and love, and is devoid of all forms of negativity. A spiritually aware person realizes that he or she can only carry the message, for it is the inner truth that is the teacher. “- David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D 

Straight and narrow is the path, Waste no time. 

Gloria in Excelsus Deo 

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1 year ago

The way they’re holding the bags spells “you”.