CDC to vote on forcing kids to take the covid shot to attend school (

CDC to vote on forcing kids to take the covid shot to attend school

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1 year ago

That linked page is already scrubbed, go figure. So… making this a “CDC recommended” Vx means blanket & permanent indemnity – zero financial accountability for injuries, maimings, & deaths from product use – which is what the profiteers are ultimately buying (all those ‘voters’ are pHARMa profiteers aka ‘stakeholders’. The shot targets are the last & least entities considered ‘stakeholders’… ‘token’, with no voice on that CDC committee – yet they’re the only entities to have an actual stake – their own skin – in that game).

CDC to vote Thursday to permanently shield Pfizer and Moderna from Covid vaccine injury liability…
“…on the coordinated effort by Big Pharma and the Biden Administration to delay the rollout of an FDA approved COVID vaccine, with legal experts suspecting the process is in place to protect Pfizer and Moderna from legal liability from vaccine injuries. To catch up to speed in detail on the EUA vs FDA approved situation, read the stories linked below….”

The system isn’t broken, it was designed this way as a cover-up… and more people are waking up to it at long last; some have been watching this horror show play out for decades. (when I find the video of a revealing congressional briefing that’s now been scrubbed from YT, I’ll bring it back here) … for now just this: