100s of peer-reviewed studies RETRACTED because of "manipulation" (

Another couple hundred peer-reviewed papers are slated for removal from the journals in which they were published after it was revealed that they are all “manipulated.”

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1 year ago

“… I investigated the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and found out that their business model fulfills the criteria for organized crime according to US law….”
~ Dr. Peter Gotzsche,founder of the Cochrane Collaboration & Cochrane Database; author Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime (2013 1st ed.)
Two hundred – Even a few hundred – corrupted papers is a drop in the literal ocean of bad ‘peer-reviewed/published science’. Because of my personal history, I crave Justice; I’ve been archiving evidence of iatrogenesis, iatrogenocide, and allopathic medical misanthropy for decades. The ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION exposes a wide range of disintegrous practices by corrupt corporate profiteers,scientists, & doctors, which includes academia & publishing… all of it owned lock, stock & barrel by pHARMa-kia. The ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION, founded & directed by holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, investigates & publishes exposes on medical corruption of a wide range of descriptions; ethics violations, atrocities, eugenics, Vx; start with: … then explore their category ‘corrupted science’: Everything on the site is relevant & noteworthy; eye-opening at least.

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