What is Sam Smith’s viral ‘Unholy’ TikTok trend? (

Sam Smith’s new song ‘Unholy’ featuring Kim Petras has sparked a viral TikTok trend on the social media app.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

I always skip a track if it is a Sam Smith song. He’s in the “gay demon” category for me.

Kim Petras is a dude who transitioned in middle school. They are one of the few people who have done a decent job pulling it off. Watching and listening to a song like “Heart to Break” and you’d be surprised to hear that is a dude.

“Good for them” I used to think. Maybe they are one of those legit people who had some freak show wiring problems and made the best decision for themself.

I think it is interesting that Kim idolized and eventually made a music video featuring Paris Hilton. I believe MrE did an essay on Paris suggested they might actually be a male.

Kim likes to hang out with the rainbow people.

But now, over the last 2-3 years it has become exceedingly clear that nobody should want ANYTHING to do with that community.

There is poison in the degenerate activity.

Whatever Sam and Kim produce should be avoided because it is low vibration consciousness wrapped in pretty melodies and talented producing. Sugar to help the poison down.