Uncle Sam Wants Your Garden: USDA Opens People’s Garden Initiative to Gardens Nationwide | NRCS (

The USDA will mail you a cool sign if you register your home garden with them. Seems innocuous until you remember that they are destroying food production around the country. If the famine is planned by the elites, the response will be too; it is likely they will go after home gardeners as things progress. I for one would like the option of choosing whom I give my produce to, rather than being forced to give up most of it to be a “good comrade.”

What do you think?

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15 days ago

Yep, they are going to make it illegal to grow your own food. They will come up with some “We have to save the planet” nonsense. They want full control of the food supply.
Forcing farmers to get foreclosed on and then buying them up. Sinister

14 days ago
Reply to  randall

I encourage anyone who can to look into wallipini. Put it underground and give it whatever camouflage you can.

15 days ago

This entire article is just a straight up lie. Nobody in the government is encouraging food production, they’re doing the exact opposite.