Trans Activists Left Over 60 Bottles of Piss Outside the EHRC (

Pissed Off Trannies (POT) staged the dramatic demonstration to protest the equality watchdog’s exclusionary policy on single-sex spaces.

I left the article headline in place so you can see how benignly it attempts to paint these events.

Vile and hate-filled and these are the only people who’d get away with such a stunt. Look at the photos and see the one where he is harassing and threatening two actual women with a bottle of urine as they walk by, keeping their heads down and just hoping for the best – to get past without assault. 

I truly believe that part of the reason this is allowed to go on, and the demands to insinuate themselves into women’s private spaces is so women feel so threatened they go home and stay there, like the world government clearly wants. If women go home and stay there, men will too – both the men interested in women and the ones who hate women whose targets are no longer publicly available, so fun’s over. I suppose that will be when the assaults on people inside their homes begins to rise. It also naturally fuels the distrust between the sexes and the ever-decreasing birth rates.

All these strategies: rampant crime, mass shootings, homelessness, increase in drugs, rioting, gang-type ‘games’, etc pave the way for the WEF “smart cities” where people work from home and have everything delivered and every aspects of their lives are monitored. When regular cities are this ridiculous and obscene, those are going to skyrocket in appeal. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

I prefer when they cover themselves with piss in private since they seem to like it. I don’t have any problem with whatever you do in bed, just don’t try to impose it to us.

1 year ago
Reply to  Allonzikoi

This clearly isn’t about them wanting to be treated as equals, or they would be locked up for such shitolla

Last edited 1 year ago by marie
1 year ago

Women don’t do things like that.