The problem of minors in kpop

Some other examples not shown in the video include:

– IU (e.g. her cereal scene ala Mysterious Skin in one of her music videos, dressing up as Mathilda from Leon (Natalie Portman’s character, spilling milk on herself from a milk bottle in 23, her pedo-inspired song Zeze, etc)

– Somi (being paired with Eric Nam as a romantic interest, a grown up fan buying her Taekwondo costume when she was a minor, a top down cleavage shot of her rock climbing in a low cut top when she was also a minor, etc)

– Red Velvet’s Ice Cream (same concept of using desserts as sexual innuendo, plus showing the only minor in the group with pigtails and a top down cleavage shot of her in a swimsuit – I think she was 15)

Girl’s Day wearing “diaper fashion” with very revealing infantile costumes – one of their members was only 17

Lolita photographer Rotta (note that both Sulli and Hara became idols at a young age, training since they were minors. Both were mistreated/abandoned by their families and killed themselves just about a month apart.)

Twice’s Tzuyu’s sexual elevator ad, also filmed when she was a minor (here’s a fan defending it lol)

– JYP maknae (the youngest member of a group) outfits for their debuts: Sohee (e.g. 1, e.g. 2), Suzy, Tzuyu, Yuna

I’m glad there’s outrage about Cookie, because it didn’t happen for Red Velvet’s Ice Cream, when that was so blatant too. At the time people just said oh it’s innocent and you’re a pervert if you think otherwise, or it’s just a language thing and it’s so innocent in Korean.

Excerpt of the lyrics:

“Take me and go, hurry and go . . .
My hands wrapped around your waist, the heart goes thump thump as the day passes. . .
Give it to me, the sweet-tasting ice cream cake
The taste matching this special day
The ice cream on my mouth
My chest is thumping, you’ll come to me, right?
It’s so tasty, come and chase me,
I can’t hold it in, I scream, you scream,
Gimme that gimme that ice cream . . .
Pops, it’s melting in my mouth,
Put a lot in, it’s melting in my mouth,
Baby boy, other men know nothing,
You’re so fine”

The producer:

What do you think?

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1 year ago

There’s another group that are starting to gain notoriety – NewJeans , MAJORITY OF THEM ARE FOURTEEN!?! Thank you for shedding light on this disgusting issue because it’s been normalised by their psychopathic fans (predators)

1 year ago

An easy way to get this nonsense shut down IMMEDIATELY is to to get BLACK MUSIC PRODUCERS to use WHITE GIRLS ONLY!!!

1 year ago

Wow. My husband and I went on a strict 100 calorie or less items diet (you could eat whatever item you want, as much as you want, as long as it’s under 100 calorie for a decent sized serving) and we lost a ton of weight really quickly (basically we “shrank”) but only stayed on it for a few months before just being bored of the choices. There were less than 100 choices of items to eat. I can’t imagine bringing it down to only 50 calories! What would be left?!?!? Not even apples are less than 50 calories per (They are 70+), and bananas are about 100+ calories per. So, eating nothing and singing about ice cream all day. Yes I know it’s not actually about ice cream, but just saying the words while being on that diet. That’s psychological abuse right there, and I’m sure it gets much worse! I’m less than 2 minutes in, and I think I’ll have to tap out of watching this. It’s pure insanity. And to think, parents set their children up for this!!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by hope
1 year ago

There is actual K-pop boot camps where years of training happens. Imagine the amount of outcomes of extreme emotional damage and suicides from the kids who didn’t make it and and their families shame them. And really slimy move on the producers telling writers to write the inappropriate lyrics in English