Police force 'that prioritised trans paedophile's feelings' enforces gender-neutral warrant cards | UK NEWS TO DAY (

A police force that has warned social media users not to make “hateful” comments towards convicted sexual predators and transgender people is at the

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1 year ago

“But the controversy over the conviction of Sally Ann Dixon, a transgender woman who was a man when she carried out a series of child sexual abuse, threatens to swallow power.
Controversy over Sussex Police’s handling of the case continued to escalate after the force warned social media users not to “mislead” a sex offender who has been identified as a woman.

Dixon, 58, of Havant, Hampshire, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing seven children between 1989 and 1996. At the time of the crimes, Dixon was a man named John.

Following Dixon’s conviction, Sussex Police issued a press release titled: “Woman Convicted of Historic Crimes Against Children in Sussex”. But when users on Twitter complained that Dixon was a man when he was convicted of the crimes, the force responded: “Sussex Police do not tolerate hateful comments towards their gender identity regardless of the crimes committed.”
Dixon assaulted five girls and two boys between the ages of six and 15 during the seven-year period of abuse. The offender was sentenced to time in a women’s prison after the relocation began in 2004.

Dixon was convicted of 30 indecent assaults and issued an unspecified sexual harm injunction. All the crimes took place at Crawley in West Sussex, and at Bexhill and Ecclesham in East Sussex.”

They’re deliberately sending predators back into the arena they love to hunt and calling us all horrible names for objecting. Cops are whose friends? Unlawful order? These things seem to no longer compute. Cops are elite hammers and that’s about it.

Women in prisons don’t deserve this, either. Regardless of what wrongs they’ve done, they don’t deserve to be locked in a cell with a man wearing a dress.

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1 year ago

It should be down to chromosomes where people get sent to prison. Xx you go to womens, xy go to a mans prison. Problem solved…..

1 year ago

Who said that?