MATTEL'S occult toy brand 'Monster High' promo poster for upcoming Nickelodeon movie

Occult aimed at children: MATTEL’S occult toy brand ‘Monster High’ promo poster for upcoming Nickelodeon movie

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1 year ago

How original. I hate to guess what’s next, I could close my eyes and stick my finger on anything from the 80s 90s and early 2ks but that would be too easy. How about a new x files. We already saw gargoyles so maybe teen titans.. if that’s not already done and redone. They can always leech off old mythology comic books and video games. They probably hate when we stop supplying original content and they have to recycle their old crap but that’s what leeches deserve, to feed off themselves over and over.

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1 year ago
Reply to  marie

Excellent comment, especially the last line.

There was already a Teen Titans reboot… It’s called Teen Titans Go and is absolutely dreadful, some of the worst dreck I’ve seen in years. Even for the low standards for kids’ shows now.

There was an article about it here several months back… They had a whole episode about the Illuminati (not even kidding), where all the characters went into some Egyptian-style chamber and had to fight a pyramid monster with one eye.

I believe there was also a similar character in the Nick show Gravity Falls. It’s actually a recurring character. He is a little floating pyramid with an eye and tophat and cane. He glows. Illuminated.

Sometimes I am so thankful I don’t have kids… I really don’t know how anyone can navigate this treachery.

1 year ago

I saw the trailer for this a month ago and they put the pronoun nonsense in there too 😒