Las Vegas, Nevada 10/01/2017 Shooting

I reside in Las Vegas,NV- I have witnessed some of the most profound things one could possibly imagine. 

The posted images were taken with a personal phone. At the time these photos were taken; civilians were not allowed in the area. 

The images were taken from the back of Las Vegas Boulevard (strip area.)  Mandalay Bay is located to the east of the Luxor pyramid- which is subsequently located near/on the 33rd parallel (research the 33rd parallel). Both properties are also owned by MGM resorts, turn MGM on it’s side and you have 33= fr%$ma$on. 

The cross images are from a church that was located on the west side of the lot where the concert was held. The black cube-like stage can be seen on the first set of pictures taken in the daylight. 

New York New York casino/resort- with ‘Lady Liberty’ aka Mithra- also owned by MGM- is/was located in the northwest corner of the area.

These symbols were located directly across from the area where the shooting occurred. 

I have held onto these images for years. I have not posted them before out of respect for those who attended. However, it appears people are becoming more aware that something is very rotten in our society- that is why I have decided to share the images. 

Unfortunately, most have failed to connect and/or understand the true nature/meaning of the images reflected in these photos. 

Also, take note of the moon phase of the day, and look up the ‘esoteric/occult’ meaning of a waxing gibbous moon. 

Please remember the following: 

“Fear itself actually precludes the awareness of the presence of God. Only when it is abandoned does a profound surrender of the resistant ego reveal a peace beyond understanding. ” – David Hawkins,  M.D., Ph.D. 

Every loving or compassionate thought outweighs many thousands of negative thoughts held by others. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Some awesome details and explanation here..

1 year ago

This is incredible. Thank you for sharing

Richard Norman Moss
Richard Norman Moss
1 year ago

Pictures not visable on this page