FDA warns monkeypox could mutate if antiviral drug is overused (

The FDA said the monkeypox virus needs “only a single amino acid change” to evade the treatment.

The drug is dubbed “TPOXX” – with two x’s, which seems frivolous, at best.

The caption to the photo shown of the capsules reads, “Capsules of the drug TPOXX. It was approved by the FDA in July 2018 as the first treatment for smallpox, a disease that was eradicated decades ago, in case the virus is ever used in a terror attack.” It’s a real wonder they can predict these things with such accuracy and timing!! Aren’t we all fortunate??

Quote: “The Biden administration has also moved to stock up on supplies of another smallpox antiviral. Manufactured by Chimerix, the drug known as brincidofovir or Tembexa could offer an alternative to doctors if tecovirimat is sidelined.” — hmmmmmm — CHIMERIX? What is a chimera? A fusion of one or more different animal organizms via scientific tinkering. 

FDA really wants doctors to send patients needing this med to NIH to be studied in clinical trials. BUT, doctors can prescribe if they wade through a load of paperwork, and CBS dangles this carrot: “The CDC recently reported early promising results collected from patients who have taken the drug through this protocol. Symptoms improved in three days on average.” so what do you imagine is going to happen, as excruciating as this disease is reported to be?

We know what damage Remdesivir was doing to patients, will TPOXX be any kinder? Don’t forget, there’s always a “vaccine”. Anyone getting a flu shot this year?

What do you think?

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