Tavistock closure highlights harms caused by radical gender theorists (

England’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), known as the Tavistock, is set to close next spring. Thenceforth, decentralized into regional units, staff will “embed the care of children and young people with gender-related distress within a broader child and adolescent health context.” This is a stunning blow to radical gender theorists.

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Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
1 year ago

“This is a stunning blow to radical gender theorists”

No, no it’s NOT.

Gotta love how these articles attempt to trick the short-minded sheeple that think “the light side is winning”.

The very short paragraph states earlier: “decentralized into regional units”.
Which means: they close just one, but open a gazillion more. What a stunning victory! LOL.

This is exactly what poor (yet rich) Paris Hilton has been denouncing for the last two years in regards to MK Ultra facilities: “For each one that closes, two or more open, and there’s no surefire legal way to shut them down definitely”.

But of course! No one’s paying any attention to Mrs. Hilton lately, because absolutely EVERYONE + their mothers has been effectively brainwashed by the media to beLIEve that Paris is nothing more than a useless, worthless, crazy h0e who deserves to die by stoning and NEVER be listed to at all whatsoever.

I’m imPRESSED by all these stunning exercises of fine, complex logic. LOL!