New french TV show inspired by the Squid Games

A new game will soon be arriving on W9. It’s caled “the Fifty”, a show bringing together many candidates from reality TV who will have to compete to win a sum of money for one of their biggest fan.

They will be put in competition through various tests by the owner of the premises wearing a lion mask. A concept not unlike that of the South Korean series Squid Game. The participants will therefore have to do everything to win a large sum of money for one of their followers. A good way to thank them. “Stars of influence, followed by millions of people across France, the 50 owe everything to their audience: fame, wealth, and even love”, specifies W9(the TV chanel).

To teaser the show, each candidate had to post the image (above) of a lion mask of which we only see one eye as a sign of their participation in the game

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Sounds stupid.

1 year ago

There are now also a lot of video games (for example on Steam) that are squid game themed. People apparently just loved this disgusting concept and rolled with it. There are even real life child jungle gyms that are squid game themed. How are we not realizing that this show was about mass murder? Is it the hypnosis???