Congrats to Google for gaining material to obscure other search results for "Twin Towers demolition"

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1 month ago

I’ve noticed this happening for a while. They publish stories with search terms identical to those of many conspiracies.
For example, when you type “Covid dress rehearsal for new world order” the first result shown is an article on the official website of the UN.
Some others are, “Hillary Clinton kills children” and similar terms. A flood of msm sites with articles about how “Hillary Clinton tells conspiracy theorists to stop “ and goes on to talk about “baseless” asks “unfounded” conspiracy theories and accusations. Same thing with Bill Gates. Or fauci. If you type “bill gates crimes against humanity” or similar queries, it displays msm articles about bill gates addressing “wild conspiracy theories” and more fake narratives along the same lines.
I used to recognize these as damage control, but now realize it’s more than that. By flooding the Internet with these damage control pieces, they also obscure millions of sites exposing these psychopaths and what they’re really up to.

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1 month ago
Reply to  sqrlmstr79

It worked for Disney, You have to go deep now when searching ‘Disney Frozen’ to get any results about Walt’s head.

1 month ago

Insightful post. Thank you.