13 Common Foods That Could Secretly Contain Insects (

If the thought of eating bugs makes you squirm, we have some bad news: You have probably been chowing down on these many-legged creatures for a long time.

RD thinks everyone is stupid, got it. I think we all know bugs can get into fruit, flour, vegetables, etc. naturally but they want to ready you for it to be a common practice.  Award for most ominous line:

Salt and pepper are considered the yin and yang of condiments—and most of us season our food generously with both. But those days might soon be behind you. Believe it or not, up to 475 bug parts can end up in 50 grams (or ¼ cup) of ground pepper and still be considered safe to eat. That is a lot of insect heads and legs spicing up your meal.”

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Well stated. Obviously insects are present in normal, traditional food production. This isn’t about that, but getting people ready for insects AS food, which is…Not The Same. 😬
I’m morbidly curious how well the ploy will work, though?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gardensofglory

I think if I shared this topic with most, like the cannibalism/blood drinking push in mass media and by the elites, they would dismiss it as a stupid conspiracy (despite all of the evidence online staring everyone in the face). I don’t think all are strong enough to face that our food supply is being and will be messed with, and that theylove promoting eating repulsive things. It’s pretty discouraging, really. Maybe they will get away with it because people won’t want to Believe it.