Washington State Updates Policy to Erase Women

The Washington State senate passed this revision earlier this year to make the wording of legislation about Midwifery more “inclusive”- by erasing the word woman and mother from the law and replacing it with “gestational parent.” Happy Gestational Parent’s Day folks!

The words female and breastfeeding were also deemed too triggering to remain. Below is the link to the legal document if you want to peruse it for yourself.

What do you think?

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Steven Casteel
Steven Casteel
1 year ago

I left Spokane Washington because it was still 99% masked sheep at the end of last year. Even got denied the ability to buy food several times for not wearing one. And that is the supposed “conservative” east side of WA. Now I’m in College Station Texas and it is like 2% masked. Good riddance.

Oh yeah, and I got fired for refusing the injections.