Squid Game Reality Series Coming to Netflix With Biggest Cash Prize in TV History (

Netflix just announced that ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ with 456 players in real-life competition in a series of games for a record-setting $4.56 million purse.

What do you think?

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15 days ago

The game will be rigged and they will give the money to a cult or bloodline member just like they do on Americas got talent.

Last edited 15 days ago by frenchtoast2000
14 days ago
Reply to  deletetheelite

Your posts are always top notch. I knew it was only a matter of time before some game show was created relating to Squid Game.
I’ve seen a lot of disgusting stuff in mass media over the years, but that show was one of the most blatant I’ve seen in a very long time. So sad and sickening to see ordinary people so taken in by it.

14 days ago

Soft selling the future sadly. I remember watching The Running Man as a kid, little did I realise the virulent evil brewing in the cauldron of the collective unconscious would alchemize fiction into fact (well, we are nearly there I should say).

Last edited 14 days ago by simon
10 days ago

ya know at first it was on the media years ago – if i am correct on which came first, – then they targeted this..i didn’t think that would go *this* disgustingly far to a point that i just want this to be shot dead down already, just – someone shoot it down..this is pure lunacy madness, i can already see the main imbeciles joining in that aren’t actors – just no.