Satanic "pectoral cross" of the "pope"

This is the “pectoral cross” of the currently reigning “pope”.

Note the following satanic/occult elements:

1. The backward-facing, unnaturally twisted left foot (a common motif of demonic deception).

2. Masonic Osiris Sign made by the supposed “Good Shepherd”.

3. The tunic of the figure is draped in a way that clearly resembles a hand grasping a phallus.

4. Among the animals behind the figure there are not only sheep, but also swine and goats (always associated with the demonic in the Bible).

5. The supposed blades of grass in the background are actually flames (look clearly at their swirling motion).

6. The dove (the Holy Ghost) has its head chopped off.

Much more on this subject can be found here (including photos of the supposed “pope” wearing this thing in case you doubt that’s really his “cross”):

Note that this post is not directed against the Catholic Church, but against the person who pretends to be the pope and who is clearly an Illuminati mole and most likely the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist (among his many “accomplishments”, he presided over the Pachamama demon worship in the Vatican in October 2019, which was probably the main satanic ritual performed to usher in the scamdemic).

What do you think?

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4 days ago

His arms and the sheep’s legs formed a large X on his chest. They use x as antichrist.

3 days ago

Apostle Peter a.k.a. Simon was never in Rome. However, Simon the Sorcerer a.k.a. Peter was in Rome and founded the Catholic Church. Remember in Acts that Simon the Sorcerer asked the apostles to teach him how to make money off of selling salvation:

3 days ago

The X shape, Osiris, crossed arms gesture represents the two streams of kundalini flowing up through the vagus nerve complex in the torso. The kundalini is the means of illumination, which is Satanic possession through the raising of kundalini to awaken the third eye. And the bent foot connects the figure to the movement of the stars around the north polar region. Read some time about ancient practices to break the leg or the ligaments of the sacrificial king to align him with that motion. Satan keeps his throne in the north. Those stars are the ladder of the celestial ascent, the false Luciferian path that is the macro version of the kundalini raising in the individual person.

3 days ago
Reply to  Fleurdamour

The northern stars were called tbe Haunch by the ancient Egyptians because their motion looked like a leg limping around the pole star, which was considered the source and center of creation because it doesnt move and a heaven gate to immortality. The king was thought to be sacralized by the breaking of his foot or leg and set on a path to godhood. It is actually a path to damnation. The false ruler on that star throne is Lucifer.

2 days ago

These hypocritical satanists sure say “do what thou wilt” a lot, but then hate it when “what thou wilt” is following the Holy Word of God Almighty!!!