Twitter says trans activist's death threats to JK Rowling has not violated its safety guidelines (

Proof that “hate crime” is not about preventing hate, but about preventing free speech.

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1 year ago

For our part, we trace latter-day Luciferian offshoots to Roman era Gnostics including Basilides of Alexandria and Persia’s 3rd Century dualistic Manicheans, whose Anima Mundi embraces Creation’s classic matter-spirit dualism, reconciling illusory opposites in a transcendent Whole.

Absent YHWH, Judgment, and Original Sin, Basilides posited that Reality mirrors an all-pervasive, uncreated and indestructible Anima or Spiritus Mundi, nature’s noumenal World Soul. Transformative emergent order appears unbidden, driving growth-and-change beyond material causes-and-effects.  In personal matters, self-awareness attuned to Anima requires Wise Learning and Right Choice, for spiritual potential energy joins opposites in a countervailing Dance of Hours, a cosmic rhythm recalling Shiva’s drum-and-flame.

Needless to say, this radically anti-Abrahamic “Perennial Philosophy” denies Original Sin redeemed by the birth and resurrection of a Savior.  Absolution entailing ritual baptism, confession, graded penance, is but façade for souls suffused with Anima, having neither a created Beginning nor any apocalyptic End. In Persia c. AD 270, another dualistic sect called Manicheans appropriated Basilidean Ophites’ Anima and Hylé, while Augustine of Hippo (AD 354 – 430) professed Gnostic beliefs through age 29, before Trinitarian doctrine cohered at Nicea in AD 431.

“Lazarus, come forth!” Therein lies the cosmos’ Mysterium Tremendum. Truth is beyond rational Proof… but given Something rather than Nothing, born in a set place-and-time, our Christian faith is “Love abides”. If this be foolish, make the most of it.