In 2015, President Zelensky starred in a fictional comedy TV show as President of Ukraine. In one scene, German Chancellor Merkel calls Zelensky about membership in the European Union. Today, Zelensky started the formal process for Ukraine to actually enter the EU.

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1 year ago

Obama replaced the legitimate government in Ukraine with a illegitimate UN-controlled communist government. It is appropriate that a fake government would be represented by a fake president.

Incidentally, prostitutes were originally recruited as actors because they are willing do immoral things for money. The career hasn’t changed any since then. They are still just prostitutes who get paid to sell their souls to the highest bidder. For example, Halle Berry, the first black woman to win an Academy Award, got paid millions to strip naked and film p**n scenes. She is what you would call a high priced hooker. The only difference is that some prostitutes get paid a lot of money to play the part of presidents, like Obama, Biden and Zelensky. Biden’s own son is a literal crack w***e. They will all end up along with all the other prostitutes on the dung heap of history. They get paid a lot of money to persuade you to sell your soul to the devil. Don’t be like them. You are better than that.