Twitter Users Roast Bloomberg After Embarrassing Tweet Comparing COVID-19 Vaccine To ‘Lord Of The Rings’ (

Except, I’m pretty sure they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. 

One Covid shot to rule them all, one Covid shot to find them. One Covid shot to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Additional assumptions that Bloomberg was just too dumb to understand what they were really saying-

I enjoy both of these publications but I don’t think they actually realize what we’re up against.

What do you think?

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2 years ago

Undoubtedly they know what they’re doing. What many of us don’t realize is that these forces are actually very weak; otherwise they won’t try to so desperately and won’t need to use deceit at such a large scale. This reminds me of the pope’s declaration about how smart the devil is and how afraid we should be: