Implanted microchip could be used to verify COVID-19 vax status (

Microchip technology invented by Swedish startup company Epicenter is now being presented as a possible way to carry around a COVID-19 vaccine passport under a person’s skin, according to a viral video. “Imagine showing your COVID-19 passport with just a flash of your arm,” the video says at its beginning, showing a person holding out their arm and scanning it with a mobile phone.

The video explains the microchip uses pre-existing technology the startup company was already developing to employ near-field communication and send data to any compatible device. Smartphones are listed as an example of a possible data receiver.

“Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things,” says Epicenter’s Chief Disruption Officer Hannes Sjöblad in the video. “Right now it is very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant.”

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2 years ago

Where are the scoffers now? You know, the ones who said years ago, that there is no God because of no proof available. Well, here’s the proof.
So, it took a bit more time for proof to manifest. All that says is patience is a virtue