Classic Hollywood – James Stewart

Here is James Stewart (The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life) throwing what looks like a one eye sign in 1938. 

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  1. If we observe the past 80 years in movies, we can clearly observe the social engineering got progressively more malevolent with each decade Still, the hopeful (naive?)part of me would like to believe Jimmy Stewart was just told to make these hand gestures, not knowing what he was doing…

  2. There is a picture just like this of Debbie Reynolds from around the time she did Singing In The Rain. Unlike this Jimmy Stewart pic it is extremely likely old Deb knew exactly what she was doing, the Reynolds Aluminum family being part of THOSE Reynolds. Another very telling pic is of Desi Arnaz circa I Love Lucy (Luci?) giving a big old double 666 sign over both eyes I think. This is the oldest one of these I have seen.

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