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  1. Some people think that Antarctica is actually Atlantis, covered with frozen water. I have read theories that the powers that be want climate change to happen in order to melt it and reveal its secrets. And it is the setting for two major occult properties, The Thing and At the Mountains of Madness.

    • This concept has emerged in my mind recently, not having read it anywhere.
      It makes a lot of sense to me.

    • No one thinks Atlantis was at the Antarctic well no one with the power of rational thought. Equador is most likely the origin of Atlantis, do your research

  2. So some islands were named after Greek letters and some sketchy families don’t see the point being made here. Move on

    • Specific Greek letters relating to the recent pandemic variants and a few of the biggest deep state families….if you don’t see the point then you move on.

      • Thing is, those islands have been named that for a while. And they’re Greek letters not virus’s. Move on

      • There are many Antarctic islands with the other Greek letters as part of their name. I hate that these coincidence things get big on VigilantLinks rather than any tangible things that are of value. Everybody should be well aware that these far out links are what make them look stupid to other people, including other theorists like me.

        Furthermore even if this link was true, what does it actually tell you? Not very much you may not already know of.

        How do we know these fake connection links aren’t maliciously spread as infiltration?

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