Selena's REAL cause of death REVEALED 29 years later! PART 2

For this part 2, we will start with Salma Hayek Pinault, she confirmed on Andy Cohen’s show that she was originally offered the role of ‘Selena’ for the 1997 movie that came out but she turned it down, why ?

She said : “Because they offered it to me like A WEEK after she died…they were already PLANNING on making this mo…, yeah…”

Salma Hayek just exposed a lot by her words, first of all for her to be approached only a week after Selena’s death tells that the project was launched before even she was gone, that’s why Salma said “THEY WERE ALREADY PLANNING ON MAKING THIS MOVIE.” (Look at the video yourself, you’ll see that she closed very quickly her mouth after saying that as if she wasn’t supposed to spill the tea.)

Selena’s death wasn’t a accident, it was planned and her family isn’t innocent at all in the affair.

The movie role eventually went to … Jennifer Lopez…but why ?

Jennifer Lopez starring as Selena

Jennifer Lopez was totally unknown until ‘Selena’ came out, but why was she choosed for that important role ? About 31,000 people auditioned for the title role, so was she specifically choosed ?

Evil Jennifer throwing shade at Salma

That’s what the industry want : Divas, Selena was no diva…

Let’s go back to the subject … why was Jennifer offered the main role ? I’ll tell you why 

She used BLACK MAGIC (aka Santeria = Spanish Witchcraft). That’s why she was offered the role, not only because of that but because the ELITE choosed her to be the figure of Latin Music.

Evil witch!

Her role in ‘Selena’ Movie rose her to fame, she immediately became a mainstream well-known actress-SINGER as if sleeping on Selena’s bed was a ritual of FAME EXCHANGE, she lived out the mainstream success that was reserved for Selena, this is nothing new in the wicked industry, to kill a artist and replace them by someone else that the Elite chooses and NOT the public.

These manufactured artists can be totally controlled by the industry because they have been manufactured by them, whereas artists who are loved by the public cannot because they are not the fruit of their manufacture.

And then this happens, the FAMILY is invited to the Oprah Winfrey (aka sex trafficker) Show (1997). Not only we do have the movie that came out the same year and then we have the family on the show, seems to be more a publicity stunt than real grief, why weren’t they invited in 1995 or 1996, why especially 1997 ? I’ll tell you why…

Okay, can someone tell me where the heck were Selena’s widower, Chris Pérez and her brother, A.B (Her main songwriter) ? For sure, the family didn’t wanted him (Chris) on the show as they didn’t wanted him to Selena’s funerals, Chris once said that he had to fight to get a front seat at HIS WIFE’S FUNERAL. That Quintanilla Family is wicked, all about money.

And then Oprah talks and cannot wait to proudly said : “And then later we’re going to meet the STAR of Selena Jennifer Lopez.”

So Jennifer, unknown by the public receives promotion, for what ? Why didn’t the mainstream media promote Selena when she was alive, but prefers to promote her after her death and especially the one that played her role ? Because Jennifer was the Elites manufacture.

Selena’s father/manager, extremly controlling father, he controlled Selena’s every move, Selena even planned to leave his father’s management and (allegedly) wanted to stop music and start a family with her husband Chris when she suddenly … DIES as if his father didn’t wanted to loose his ASSET and preferred for it to be killed and make money of it before it broke free from control.

Abraham himself was passionate about music and founded a band but it didn’t work, so he forced Selena to perform since age 6 (Selena’s story is very identical to MJ’s, both had the same kind of fathers, etc.)

Then Selena’s mother, Marcella explained to Oprah how she felt about Selena’s passing and said that sometimes she could see videos of Selena and she would feel better but sometimes she couldn’t (grief), Oprah, didn’t even care, emotionless she directly replied : “What did you think of Jennifer Lopez’s portrayal ?” As if it was all about Jennifer Lopez, the (LOL) continuation of Selena, which she’ll never be.

The father then said (about Jennifer Lopez) that she did an excellent job capturing Selena’s personality and SPIRIT.

Did she captured all that by sleeping on her bed, as a black magic ritual ?

Then Jlo appears and Selena’s sister tells clearly in front of everybody that THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER SELENA.

Oprah, bothered replied about … Jennifer Lopez by saying stuff like : “Didn’t she played very well her role ?”

As if Jennifer was the industry picked REPLACEMENT to Selena as the FIGURE OF LATIN MUSIC.

Selena was also killed off in order to pave way for Jennifer Lopez as Aaliyah for Beyoncé (another topic).

And then … look at what i found!

So, Selena Gomez’s name was (as she told it herself) taken from Selena’s. We now have a Jennifer Lopez, that wants a “SELENA” that don’t look like her at all to portray her in a movie about her, so Jlo wants a movie to be done about her MANUFACTURED life/career. Isn’t that strange ? She wanted to be Selena and as crazy she is now thinks that getting a “Selena” to play her role makes a “Selena” wanting to be a “Jennifer Lopez” which is ironic because she always wanted Selena’s spot. Sick industry!

Now take a deep look in these two pics :


Jennifer Lopez starring as Selena

For movies, they always copy every little aspect of what was in reality (when it’s a biopic type) of movie.

We have Selena in the RED chair and Jennifer Lopez in the WHITE. Why ?

An article says : “Red is the most powerful of colors. It symbolizes life, strength and passion, but also prohibition and danger.” 

You now should know why they wanted Selena to sit on a red chair, it was symbolic.



In other words they get rid off Selena and replaced her with THEIR selection : Jennifer Lopez.

But she never will be able to replace Selena, how can you replace somebody when you can’t even replace yourself ?


Selena’s record label published her last SPANISH album Amor Prohibido (Forbidden love) back to 1994

The album was released on March 13, 1994 

Selena died on March 31, 1995

Release date – March 13, 1994 

March : The month she died.

13 : You switch the 1 with the 3 you get a 31, the day she died.

Selena was 23 when she died.

1994 : 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 23.


Precious Selena, sorry for what was done to you out of jealousy and spite, we love you and will always remember you.
Maybe gone but never forgotten!

With love

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2 months ago

it never ceases to amaze me the occult lengths taken to subvert, hypnotize and subdue the minds of the public. The battle for your soul is absolutely real.

2 months ago

All this poorly-written speculation yet not one word about the fact that Selena was one of the most obvious trans celebrities ever seen. Skeletal structure does not lie.

2 months ago

“why was she choosed for that important role”


2 months ago
Reply to  Sherry

@lee You are spot on. And there are more celebs than not that are the same as well. The industries, music-movie-and even politics, including presidential. I’ll be glad when the world wakes up to this baphomet-bred TRUTH!

2 months ago
Reply to  Sherry

Leave him/her alone, nothing catastrophic !!

RC Coleman
RC Coleman
2 months ago

the only thing i don’t get is why Yolanda would agree to take the fall , if Selena was taken out by a professional hit woman. Plus how do we know Yolanda is actually in prison? She looks like she’s had several plastic surgeries since she killed Selena. And actually when i did a people search of Selena , there are several women in the Corpus Christi area with the same name and same age that Selena would be today which makes me wonder if the murder was a way for her to quit the industry & I did a search on her dad and it says that he was in the military which immediately makes the whole thing suspect.

2 months ago

What a bunch of nonesense, Selena was a big celebrity before she died. I think Jennifer López did a great job in the movie but no Selena fan ever though “she’s the new Selena!” Just because she played her in the movie, and Jlo doesn’t have the same career or type of music style or same fans whatsoever, she’s Jenny from the Bronx, only an American who has no idea how big Selena was and that thinks Jlo is “latin music” would make such a laughable comparission. That being said, I don’t think anyone could have done a better role playing her in the movie than Jlo, she was very charismatic and overall did capture her essence, that’s not witchcraft or some elite role power move, that’s just TALENT and hardwork. You don’t have to take away from people’s talent just to fit your crazy theories and making up your crazy calculations. By the way that “masonic” pattern you mentioned in the first part is leopard print common in 80s and 90s tacky fashion. Also you have not revealed any “real reason” why Yolanda killed her cuz she has yet to give a new interview, and she doesn’t seem mentally stable anyway, that woman killed her cuz she panicked when she realized she would be prison for fraud but didn’t make it very far when trying to escape.

2 months ago

Its quite possible they had to take Selena out of the way for Jennifer Lopez. I feel Selena was less likely to obey and more likely to break free from the industry.

So they disposed of her and daddy went along with it. It is a bit of a dubious assertion the article makes but there is something there, just not concrete.

Last edited 2 months ago by rick