Selena's REAL cause of death REVEALED 29 years later! PART 1

This article serves to expose the REAL cause of death of legendary singer Selena, it’s not a biography about her life, if you want to know more about her, I suggest you read the book: To Selena, With Love, written by her widower Chris Pérez.

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez known mononymously as Selena.

Selena and Chris Pérez happily married on April 2, 1992, when she was only 20 and he 22 (a rarity these days)

Selena was a member of a band called “Selena y Los Dinos” formed by her father/manager Abraham Quintanilla. Selena began to sing at only 6.

Everything was doing good until her “FAMILY” recruited a so-called “fan” to her service for her to become the president of her fan club and the manager of her fashion/hair salon boutiques “SELENA”, a complete stranger… Look at the BLACK and WHITE masonic (I know why i’m talking about the black and white masonic, you’ll understand by reading the other parts) Her name was Yolanda Saldivar.

Selena was very successful in everything she did, succeeding in everything she undertook, from music to fashion, she had won a GRAMMYs for “Best Mexican-American Album” in 1994 for her album “LIVE!”

Selena’s success in music was very high, her albums continually being certified. Here Selena with the head of her record label EMI Latin, José Behar.

Selena very grateful to her producer, the cover of her album “LIVE!” in the background of the pic, the Masonic “BLUE” and RED. At this point Selena was already an “asset” for him. Don’t forget that the Music Industry is 10% music and 90% business, in other words it is a music business. He surely was sexually attracted to her as 99,9% of those groomers of young ladies in the industry.

Selena, at the height of her fame, aspired to release an album in English, as until then she had only released albums in Spanish. This English album was highly awaited and would have promote her into a “MAINSTREAM” level popstar, something her record company DID NOT WANT. Why didn’t they? Here’s the album in question, “Dreaming of You”.

In ths interview (1993), Selena talking about her upcoming English album, stated : “And the English album is still coming out i know we’ve been talking about forever and ever, finally after 3 years…” 

She was thankful that after 3 YEARS of “negotiations” with her record label they finally gave her a “Green light”, why was her record company so “hesitant” is there a reason why ? Keep on reading.

Another pic of her English album, here a young girl showing it… album that was realased after her DEATH…

Now let’s go deeper into the affair, read this :

Isn’t that suspicious ? She was perfectly fine, working on her English album and then suddenly … she dies. Because of embezzlement ? Nope, keep on reading…

Read carefully this one :

Keep these sentences in mind: 1) “When Dreaming of You peaked at number one, Tejano Music (aka Latin Music Industry) ENTERED the MAINSTREAM market.” and “Music critics said the GENERAL POPULATION of the U.S (aka the Public) would not have KNOWN about Tejano or Latin Music had it not been for Dreaming of You (Selena’s English crossover album).

Selena’s death had focused so much attention on her and her career that her record company, who didn’t believe (although they knew it would work) in her success all of a sudden, started investing large sums to promote it, note what José Behar said : “PROMOTION will be on the SUPERSTAR scaleWE didn’t put this MARKETING CAMPAIGN behind it because there was a TRAGEDY, WE put this MARKETING CAMPAIGN behind it because WE BELIEVED (since the beginning of her career, since when? After her death ??) that THIS (the Album) was GOING to be a HUGE album because of the music… (So not because of Selena? Was there jealousy?..)

The BIGGER devil that denied Selena’s crossover project was the Chairman and CEO of EMI Records, Charles A. Koppelman, he even relented Selena’s project : 

As we now know, the Album was a success, it was released after Selena’s death on July 18th 1995 (1 + 8 = 9, the number of sacrificial completion for occultists). The date was to confirm that she was a SACRIFICE so that the LATIN MUSIC INDUSTRY could enter the MAINSTREAM market.

Selena denied any sexual language into the lyrics of her songs (English album), something her record label wanted (sexual language), they couldn’t control her, in other words she DIDN’T WANTED TO SOLD HER SOUL and that cost her life.

That is something that her record label didn’t wanted to happen :

Major (aka international)

Selena even made three demonstrations before Charles Koppelman and he denied, Selena didn’t knew but he was into satanism, a media outlet even called him a FORCE in the Music Industry (no pic for that) :

Selena recording the iconic song “Dreaming of You” in the studio, look at the background color : RED = SACRIFICE.

They did the same for Baby Girl, Miss Aaliyah (her self-titled album cover – AALIYAH).

Selena didn’t knew she was a THREAT for the Mainstream Pop market, she was singing because she loved doing it, her reason for the album was : “It’s for my fans (she actually said that).” No artist (aka manufacture of the industry) thinks or say things like that today, they’re all after fame and money.

Selena’s last BIG concert at Astrodome (Houston, TX) – February 26, 1995. RED = BLOOD SACRIRICE.

It was considered as her biggest concert :

This was the outfit that Selena wore to 1995’s Tejano Music Awards (the same outfit she was buried with) PURPLE = ROYALTY = THE ELITES. Whitney Houston was also buried with a purple outfit, they knew what they were doing…so sad 🙁

During her Last BIG concert, same color : Purple. The theme was also purple and guess what she was asked to sing ? The song Last Dance by Donnar Summer :

So let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance the last dance tonight

And her ICONIC concert at Astrodome was titled … The Last concert.

José Behar wasn’t innocent at all in the affair, despising Selena’s death by smiling in an interview and saying it was a thing of the past and nothing could be done about it and that we should keep moving forward. No remorse. He made a lot of millions off her death, for them she was WORTH more DEAD than alive.

Now let’s talk about Yolanda, her “murderer” (aka puppet/agent of the one’s who wanted Selena out).

She gave an interview in 1998 (how can a murderer sentenced to life imprisonment be interviewed? Since when especially when it was 3 years after Selena’s death?)

During the interview, the interviewer asked her : “Why you killed her?”

Her answer : “I won’t discuss that” in other words “I won’t break my oath or i’ll get killed by the ONE’s that were behind it”.

The interviewer asked : “Why not?” and her answer was …


In prison she had received two letters PRIOR TO THE INTERVIEW by a certain Lorenzo Salinas she and Selena met while doing business in Mexico in early 95. The letters were under INVESTIGATIONS during 7 months? Why ?

While talking about it Yolanda said : “He’s telling me what i’ve been saying all along, he feels that his CONCIOUS is killing him because he knows the TRUTH.”

She’ll be eligible for parole on March 30, 2025.

To be continued…

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2 months ago

thoroughly enjoyed reading this… thanks.

2 months ago

And no mention of the animal/lepard print attire in pic no. 4?

Airplane Clouds
Airplane Clouds
2 months ago

The Last Concert….


2 months ago

Very sad! But not surprising… :/ :'( at least we know that she did not sell her soul.

Last edited 2 months ago by Will
2 months ago

PLEASE I beg you, do this same kind of article but with Aaliyah, to this day I still suspect a lot about the way that she passed and her family’s silence. Thank you!!

2 months ago

Abraham Quintanilla was the latino version of Joe Jackson. The man always screamed “slimey”.

They are still making a lot of money off her. I often wondered if her marriage was something her label disapproved as well as her father. Her dad, Abraham. Seems VERY manipulative. Think Britney Spears dad or Miley’s mom.

Last edited 2 months ago by rick