Required Reading for All Users: Occult Holidays And Sabbats (

If you follow this calendar throughout the year, it’s eerie how a lot of major news events involving death line up with these dates. Be it a shooting or a celebrity death or in the case of today, USA attacking the Middle East I believe happened exactly on the date it was supposed to (February 2nd) Follow the calendar throughout the year and like clockwork you’ll see how often bad news lines up with the occult sabbats and holidays. So when everyone is shocked and surprised, you’ll already have seen it coming.

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2 months ago

Thank you for posting this. We all need to know the bizarre astrological and numerological basis for their evil-doing. I have friends who (like my husband and I) stopped celebrating major holidays because of this knowledge. Let’s not feed their psychotic frenzy, and instead stop it in its cold death-culty tracks!