Disney Actor Goes BALLISTIC Inside Restaurant in INSANE Video!

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2 months ago

Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven, the industry does destroy their minds at the end! Very sad 🙁
He knows a lot about the industry too and is exposing so the best way to make people not believe him is to portray him (through their propaganda machine = Media) as crazy.

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That’s So Mason
That’s So Mason
2 months ago

Notice that when Brown is holding up his phone filming at the beginning, he has his right arm up & left one down, like Baphomet’s “As above, so below” pose. And he just has a plain white shirt on. He calls himself Jesus here.

Then, crucially, the video (the original one, not TMZ’s) cuts forward to a new scene at its 47-second mark. This number is the Freemasons’ hallmark, along w/ their more familiar 33. Hence why the U.S. was born on the 4th day of the 7th month, the CIA was formed in ‘47, demonic Biden was the 47th VP, and too many other examples to list here. The truther website Gematria Effect News even uses this number in its “red pill” logo.
Then, while storming out, he has added a scarf with the pedo swirl logo, and now calls himself Satan[‘s] and Lucifer’s son.

And this all took place under presumably one of the many Asian deities with arms going both up and down. Not too dissimilar from the Jesuits’ Sun logo.

The woman who had the infamous “He’s not real” airplane meltdown also briefly struck this pose, with with the arms reversed. She even specifically used her index & middle finger on each hand, like Baphomet does.

Pay no attention to the babbling TMZ distraction agent, who sounds like he should be doing morning sports radio. Keep in mind TMZ’s original website URL was whenever interpreting anything they put out. (And Disney has a not-so-hidden 666 in its logo.) Focus only on the raw video that is in their video.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that actually were Richard Ramirez working there, considering how make-believe most celeb deaths are. All the world’s a stage…

2 months ago

The phrase “Get behind me satan” usually refers to people requesting his guidance and help, to have him push them forward. He used it incorrectly.

Correct me if I am wrong. The guy is gwtting crazier and crazier. He is going to have a severe meltdown real soon.