We are going to be alright …

Children as young as five yeqrs old will be exposed to suggested LGBTQ+ lesson plan put together by the LAUSD school system.  Children will learn about inclusivity and other LGBTQ+ topics.

The curriculum will teach children on the topic of identity by encouraging children to explore questions like “Who am I?”.  They will also learn about notable LGBTQ+ figures whom shaped society like Elliot Page from Hollywood.

This part of the curriculum is the most interesting …

“One prominent aspect of the curriculum is the pledge of allyship, which encourages students to commit to using kind and inclusive language when referring to teachers, staff, classmates, and their families, regardless of their differences. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of educating and encouraging others to be allies.”

This.  Is.  Government.  Indoctrination. 

There is no stopping this.  These are kindergartners man … they are children who probably can’t even wipe themselves.  Man this is insane.  The sex-ed courses come next.


LA elementary schools begin week of LGBTQ+ lessons

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9 months ago

I’m in LA. Time to join a protest.