Lizzo's ex-wardrobe assistant opens up about horrifying 'abuse' she says she endured while working for the singer – claiming she was 'assaulted, threatened and DENIED FOOD' by her manager while slamming popstar for failing to keep 'her workplace in line' (

Fashion designer Asha Daniels filed a lawsuit against the star, 35, last week, alleging that she was physically and verbally abused by her manager – and now, she has detailed some of what she endured.

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9 months ago

Here’s another disgruntled employee case, but much more up VC’s Satanic alley, involving alleged Haitian sex rituals & goat sacrifices:

Singer Jason Derulo Responds to Shocking Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

[Emaza] Gibson was brought onto Derulo’s record label under the guise jumpstarting her music career and making multiple albums together in November 2021, but the relationship allegedly turned into one that included “threats of violence, unwanted and illegal sexual harassment, pressuring her to drink and have sex with him.” In her complaint, she names numerous instances where Derulo allegedly made inappropriate comments, became aggressive and verbally hostile, and nearly became physically violent with her for being late to a studio session.

She also alleged that she was told early on that in order to succeed “in this business,” she would have to essentially pay for play sexually.

“While recording music, DERULO informed Plaintiff that if she wanted to be successful in the ‘this business’ (aka, the music industry), Plaintiff [Gibson] would be required to partake in ‘goat skin and fish scales,’ which is a Haitian reference referring to conducting sex rituals, sacrificing a goat, goat blood and doing cocaine,’” the lawsuit reads. “The manner and timing of such a statement meant that DERULO was demanding sexual acts from Plaintiff in order for DERULO to fulfill his role as her mentor, supervisor and musical collaborator. This explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success was reinforced through DERULO’s subsequent behavior.”