Undeniable proof of satanic ritual abuse- HAMPSTEAD UNCOVERED: SEVEN YEARS LATER

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14 days ago

I am surprised the kids didn’t compartmentalize everything that happened. That’s enough traumas to have them create multiple personnalities which usually break around 30 Y-old and after they can remember all the details of the satanic ritual abuses.

13 days ago
Reply to  quantguacamole

very true. we see it in celebrities all the time

Alexis Rodríguez
Alexis Rodríguez
13 days ago

Hello ..
I posted this article at a page of a mother whose son (Johnny Gosch), had been kidnapped, raped, exploited, enslaved, and trafficked.
Ritual abuse, mind control were part of the youngster’s tragedy.
Somebody replied the case was nothing but a hoax .

I read about this case many years ago.
I think the original testimonies of the children were quite dramatic to be a hoax.
I know sometimes kids lie and protect their abusers, especially, if the sexual crimes have been committed by family members or even if cohersion, intimidation, threats have ocurred (or no due process of the law has had been granted accordingly). Moreover, I know quite well contamination of the testimonies have been allowed to happen in certain cases, *affecting the purity of the proceedings*.
Furthermore, certain elements related to politics, or even intelligence-counter-intelligence ops might ruin or overshadow the truth in question, naturally, favoring the real abusers.

Please, allow me to know if there’s information, a book, report or update related to this case that indeed, has offered light in support of the original testimonies pronounced by the former children.
I know SRA is real.

Thank you!!!!!!

1 day ago

Sound of Freedom is a psyop and Jim is part of it