The Pagan Necropolis Under Vatican City

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22 days ago

The Bible never says that Peter the Apostle was in Rome. However, Simon the Sorcerer a.k.a. Peter was in Rome and may be the so called ‘Peter’ buried in the Vatican.

21 days ago

Thank you, that was interesting. He glossed over one of the most important facts, though, and missed another altogether. The one he glossed over was the temple of Cybele that he barely mentioned. Cybele was the Great Goddess of Asia Minor whose worship was imported to Rome. A form of her was worshipped as a great stone that was brought from the East and placed in this necropolis. Cybele is the female form of Satan, whose worship can be traced back at least as far as India, Sri Bali aka Kali, who was also worshipped as a great stone. (Kali is the Biblical Scarlet Woman.) And there is a far older level of the necropolis at the Vatican Hill that he fails to mention at all. The precursors of the Romans in that region were a mysterious people called the Etruscans. They worshipped a goddess Vatika at that site. She was the goddess of the underworld. There is a horrible idol of her in a museum in Germany, depicted with demonic horns and animal ears. The name Vatika seems to have been derived from various hallucinogenic plants of the region that gave prophetic visions. Cybele is also venerated in a similar form as the Sybil oracle of Delphi. Vatika is an ancient Indian name meaning garden.