Nancy Pelosi says the quiet part out loud. The new standard of justice in the US is “guilty until proven innocent”.

What do you think?

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8 months ago

It’s been inverted and taken over by evil long before I even realized it.

I first woke up to this with Kavanaugh. It wasn’t even a trial. I listened to the whole thing on the radio, then watched the same 8hr CSPAN. It freaked me out. I thought “This is our own government doing this.”
It’s the moment, or rather the 24hrs worth of time, that broke through the mind barrier.

I can’t even explain what I realized that day, I feel like I actually watched evil doing evil, and I had prior thought there people with narcissistic personality disorder or even sociopaths in the world, but I didn’t realize that it was more than a few isolated incidents.
This was showing me a muuuch bigger picture.

Now-a-days I am in the camp of “Who knows what’s real?” I mean, even the people I really trust could be part of a big “show for the dumb masses”. I’ve started to see more and more since then, (especially now that I know it’s a possibility) of false flags, psyops, lies, and doing it for the “side”…
I picture politics now similar to a sports game. They created the game, they play it for us on the TV. We are told we have to pick a side. They picked the teams, they move the players to the different teams, they bring in the new players.
Then we cheer or rage according to the side we chose.
But it’s worse than sports, because they decide who is going to do the touchdown and how, who is going to make which basket, or when the strikes happen, and then the TV says “oooh that strike really worked out for us” or the other team says “oooh that touchdown really was great” but it was all planned.

I know, totally cynical an nihilistic. So sue me, I guess 😛

Each time I really do pick a side, I know I’m doing just that, picking a side. And each time I do I know I’ll get chewed out by the other oh so passionate fans of the other side.
Heck I’ll get chewed out by “my own side” if I don’t fit in just right.
But what am I to do? Walk on a tightrope in the middle? Even if I did exactly that, I’d be thrown onto a side by other’s expectations.
(For example, before the Kavanaugh non-trial I always said “I’m not even political. I’m not on a political side.” but for some reason got chewed out for being an “evil Republican”)

It’s like if I’ve never even watched sports, but people get mad at me for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s a strange world!

8 months ago
Reply to  hope

Both “sides” are false choices and a tool of division. It’s good that you’re waking up. But there’s no point picking a side, both are working toward the same end- making us a totalitarian/communist state. We need to come together and fight it, but it’s probably too late

8 months ago

I stand by what she says. I believe Nancy Pelosi is guilty — prove yourself innocent b***h!

I want her innocence tested in court!

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