Harvey Nichols wants you to click on this image to "discover rewards" (

At the time of writing, seen on this page: 

Nothing like a one eye or a hand detached from its body holding a fob watch to tell me how rewarding life really is.

What do you think?

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25 days ago

So strange how the blind see this stuff as “creative and artistic” when it’s really just the same crap on repeat over and over. I know, I was blind too. I used to think I was original and artistic myself, with drawing the sun and moon, the one eye, the triangles and straight rainbows, wearing the checkerboard and leopard print. I had a friend that called it “rebelliously being like everyone else” and she’s so dead-on. It’s not creative, it’s not artistic, it’s not original, and the more I learn about all these symbols it’s downright evil.