Now on French TV, they're claiming that believing in God makes us conspiracy theorists.

Image translation:

“Scientific untruths:

(69% of young people believe in at least one of them)

-The Earth is flat

-Americans have never been to the moon

-Humans were created by a spiritual force

-Covid vaccines are toxic”

Knowing that the government has just launched a law against conspiracy (for the moment focused on sects and naturopaths but we know where they are coming from) + an important politician has just said that there is too many churches in France and that it had to be demolished

What do you think?

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14 days ago

These people who regard “trusting the science” with such high esteem should go have a strong entheogenic experience. True scientific experimentation.

I’m not talking 100ug of LSD / 3.5g mushrooms

I’m talking 400-600ug of LSD / 10g+ mushrooms / strong couple tokes of DMT

Doing so will humble you to the fact that there is another incredible aspect of reality that you are normally blind towards. It also starts to awaken your spiritual organs and you’ll become aware of things like synchronicities if you pay attention.

Regarding flat earth, you don’t need to be a Christian to see the merit in that rabbit hole. The earth my be round once you zoom out enough, but the fact that objects that disappear over the horizon come into view again with a telephoto lens is a silver bullet that forces you to reconsider reality.

The true nature of space and this realm is not what we are told. We don’t know what the truth is, but we know that we’re being lied to. THAT is the core of flat earth theory.

12 days ago