Images James Webb Telescope & Nazca Sprial Lines (

“Signs, Signs- Everywhere there’s Signs.”- Tesla; Song: Signs

Please view and compare the following links associated with: Recent James Webb NASA Telescope images, Nazca lines/Spirals, Nascar Spiral holes, Wormholes, Black holes, and Spirals depicted in ancient civilizations throughout the world.

On the live science link look at the second image down- cat image. Please, refer back to the Nag Hammadi: The Apocryphon of John and recall Yave. Yave represents the biblical Abel, and represents righteousness. Note the Sphinx in Egypt, and recall the Egyptians believed cats served as guardians into the next life. Coincidences?- there are no Coincidences in life.

Nazca line monkey:

Beginning to look familiar?

The monkey’s tail represents a wormhole- not a galaxy. 

Nazca Spiral holes:

Yet another representation of Wormholes.

Additional examples from all across the world from various ancient civilizations:

Secrets Of The Spiral Symbol Left By Ancient Civilizations–317363104964438315/

This one is beautiful- ot contains what the United States government claimed was a rocket launch as well as additional examples:

Okay, now please review the following links and information associated with Wormholes and black holes:

What Are Wormholes and Do They Exist?

“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”- Fleetwood Mack: Little lies

As previously stated, the others deceptions are pervasive and interwoven into every aspect of society- when a true spiritual awakening occurs, it is absolutely stunning- everything begins to reveal itself-everything. 

Circle back to the Nag Hammadi library- all of this is touched upon and it tells you what this world is. 

“The student learns by daily increment. The Way is gained by daily loss, Loss upon loss until at last comes to rest. By letting go, it all gets done; The world is won by those who let it go! But when you try and try, The world is then beyond winning.

Paraphrase: A  Student adds each day to his stock of knowledge or experience; but the attainment of the Way is not like that. Each day one sheds a selfish impulse or desire and continues to do so until his will is at rest in the Way and is undistracted.  One can let go of everything except the Way; but having the Way, one has the whole world with it.  The world can be mine if I do not try to own it or run it according to my ideas. When I do try to run it, then I lose it all together. Let the king be well advised that he can have everything he does not try to possess selfishly.”-Tao Te Ching; Lao Tzu- Translation by R. B. Blakney.” 

The Tao Te Ching, previously published as “The Way of Life” writings reportedly date back to a Millennium and a half before the birth of Christ. Every culture, all over the world possess writings about ‘God’ that mirror one another. 

Please, review the statements made by Neurosurgeon Eban Alexander, M.D. he also appears to be describing a wormhole similar to what has been recently photographed by the James Webb telescope:

Lastly, I see these images all around when the mind is quiet. Wormholes, lights, and the most beautiful things that cannot be described are visually witnessed/experienced. I am NOT special, this is our natural state- our birthright.  

That is why there are so many Spirals across ancient cultures- we were reminding ourselves of our true nature. 

The quotes from various books, scriptures,  individuals, and links to Dr. David Hawkins are presented to help you reach this state.  You do not need to chase Magick, or lean a foreign language- everything is revealed to you.

When you embark on a deep spiritual practice/journey the body’s sense organs begin to change- keep in mind the brain is a sense organ. Ancient literature from all civilizations depict the true spiritual source. You do not need to pay someone, or change your diet. Everything you need is already within- it is patiently and silently waiting for you.

Reduce your screen time, stop listening to the radio, and watching television/movies (more on that later). Start leaving your phone at home, delete social media accounts. Deep surrender to God as well as humility, forgiveness, and compassion reveals your true nature- it is beautiful, and you feel absolute peace and love. 

Remember, everything belonging to the true God is love and peace. 

This world is truly an illusion.  

What do you think?

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5 months ago

This world is truly an illusion.

That’s the second time I’ve heard that today.

5 months ago

Ancient literature from all civilizations depict the true spiritual source.” False. Only the Bible has the answers. Pursue only the Holy Spirit. If you do not have spiritual discernment, you will be led down lying paths by spirits that hate you. These lying spirits have infiltrated societies across time, giving them false paths to “enlightenment.” If you do not have spiritual gifts, either it is because you have not asked God for them, or because God knows you’re not ready for them. If you are not given them by God, do not pursue them outside of God and the Bible’s instruction.

4 months ago
Reply to  paul

I agree with you, Paul! I feel the same way about all these.