Guess we're crazy then!

Guess we’re crazy then!

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11 months ago

That position is gonna get old real quick!

sad to be a human
sad to be a human
10 months ago

What if we called them the betrayed instead of sheep because it’s harder to get someone on our side if they are being talked down to. Just because the forces of evil have been working on brain washing, controlling them since the moment they are born and they are just living their life not knowing what is really going on.

10 months ago

Signs & Wonders…
I knew the usurpers had lost their grip on power when I saw their queen being ‘brought to heel’ supernaturally in a very public satanic ritual celebration. Fighting viciously to regain power now while they’re circling the drain… that’s a losing battle.

Madonna Falls Video from Brit Awards | Hollywood Reporter
(scroll down, video at bottom)

10 months ago
Reply to  amaragrace

That didn’t look accidental. Maybe to her (not convinced) but the ones running the show meant for it to happen.
Lyrics she was singing at the time:
“First you love me, and I let you in
Made me feel like I was born again
You empowered me, you made me strong
Built me up, and I can do no wrong
I let down my guard
I fell into your arms
Forgot who I was
I didn’t hear the alarms
Now I’m down on my knees
Alone in the dark
I was blind to your game
You fired a shot in my heart
Took me to heaven and ***let me fall down***
Now that it’s over
I’m gonna carry on
Lifted me up, and ***watched me stumble***
After the heartache
I’m gonna carry on

“I could get caught up in bitterness
But I’m not dwelling on this crazy mess (Ooh, yes)
I found freedom in the ugly truth
I deserve the best and it’s not you
You’ve broken my heart
But you can’t break me down (Come on)
Not falling apart, once was lost, now I’ve been found
Picked up my crown, put it back on my head
I can forgive, but I will never forget”

I think tbpb know they have to tear down ALL the people’s idols now, so that when the (alien deception) of the physical man of antichristos shows up, the people will see in him an “infallibility” and “power” that the majority of mankind will fall for. They will see all that they formerly idolized as so shallow and frail in comparison that they will become convinced.

And when their former idols declare, “this is him!!” they will be readily primed. This song is all about her own “disappointment” with those she formerly bowed down to.

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