Kanye West – We Were Once a Fairytale

‘We Were Once A Fairytale’ directed by Spike Jonze (2009)

It’s like Kanye killed the last little innocence he had before becoming a full blown industry prop.

What do you think?

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hollow logs
hollow logs
1 year ago

this is so sad.
no one in that video was acting..
not Ye, not even the lil alt- dimension ratcat ye..

man f this.
808s was a beautiful album..

i had no idea this video existed… forever ruining that song. f Spike Jones .. what a terrible video, not good.

we are witnessing the full control of mk.. they created him, they will destroy him.

Ye will be crucified in Times Square on live TV.
tell e’erybody that you know…

1 year ago
Reply to  hollow logs

I would have laughed at you a year ago. After the last few weeks this wouldn’t surprise me.

1 year ago

The little mouse thing represents the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will only leave you if you tell Him to.