Governments could use the metaverse as a brainwashing tool (

While the metaverse is years away from completion, some experts are warning the public that governments could use the digital world to control what people do and experience.

What do you think?

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2 months ago

Uh… No duh? Every form of communication has been corrupted.

The Metaverse is just the internet experienced through a video game engine like Unreal or Unity with a stereoscopic computer monitor running at 75fps minimum per eye.

The problem is that making content like that is expensive and only the bad guys have the money, money they stole from us, to gatekeep the experience with biased algorithm based propaganda.

But there’s hope. Many tech inclined people do not like the closed walls of companies like Facebook. Open source tech like Blender is now incredibly capable (and free like always). Unreal Engine is free. Capable graphics cards are getting super cheap. The little guy could totally make compelling VR experiences. And AI stuff like stable diffusion may seriously even the playing field for CGI content creation VERY soon. Like 2-3 years.

WE need to be the new media in VR before they are. Like podcasts and YouTube were before they got taken over by the main stream. I’ll be there. Come find me.

2 months ago

Pretty sure that is the plan