6G, Internet Of Bodies: Globalists Won't Stop Hacking Humans (

If you think 5G is bad, you won’t want to know about 6G, which will introduce the Internet of Bodies (IoB), potentially tying all humans into a global “hive mind”. Unproductive members who do nothing but consume “precious” resources, will be targeted for removal; the ultimate technocrat reasoning is that humans and all other resources are on the same level. Thus, cutting back on humans is no different than cutting down trees in the forest.

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1 year ago

They view people as something that is programmable. As long as you have positive contribution to society you can be their slave.
The elderly, handicapped, and anyone else who is rejecting their programming will be eliminated. (To save the planet from an imaginary disaster.)
satan and the elites believe in survival of the fittest.
The value of human life comes from God; not satan.
Movies like hunger games, logans run, running man, squid games, etc are to get people used to the ideas presented in the films.
This is what the elites have planned for the common people.

1 year ago

“…one of the greatest challenges we face will be what to do with all the people that will become obsolete in the process.

The answer, Harari proposed, may lie in “a combination of drugs and computer games.” 

Like the one that kills you in real life if you lose the game…? That type of game, Yuvol (Iron Jaws) NOAH?

11 months ago

I’ll be plugging into the Internet of Bodies in one form or another. You can’t just ignore stuff like the printing press and computers as a luddite. I’ll take them cyborg upgrades and do something awesome with them.