Now they don’t even hide in videogames

After watching the last Gamescom, I was surprised how many games have recently been preaching the occult, black magic and pure satanism.

As a most obvious example, here are some shots from the game called BLACKTAIL: A Witch’s Fate.

Note the doll colors and one-eye sign:

One-eye sign:

One-eye sign again and pentagram:

One-eye sign again:

And again:

Reference to Baphomet and ‘as above, so below’ pose:

Mushrooms or snakes? And the one-eye sign again:

One more time:


If you want more check the latest trailers for Layers of Fears and Wyrdsong.

What do you think?

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7 months ago

For me the difference is how is it presented. Is dark magic glorified or is it a tool of the villain? Fantasy is part of the European heritage and I don’t think it’s right to discard all art and entertainment because it explores occult themes. But if there are one-eyes all over the promotional material then I agree it’s dead giveaway.

7 months ago
Reply to  kittyvac

Yep. Lord of the Rings is pretty wholesome and doesn’t, as far as I can tell, promote the occult, mystery religions, or the stratification of society into elites and cattle or the enlightened and profane. But movies or games or whatever else that have a plot heavily steeped in occult themes, even if the occultists are the villains and are defeated, are almost always pro-occult. It’s simply an unveiling of what they want to do, or it is a twisting of what will happen, an inversion of the true heroes for villains, and the true villains for heroes.

7 months ago
Reply to  paul

I loved Lord of the Rings growing up. That said, I would say the Eye of Sauron is a pretty big symbol by itself. Of course it makes sense within the context of the books, but it’s just strange.