CPS Employee Caught on Video Encouraging 14-Year-Old Girl in Foster Care to Become Prostitute (

The mom failed the daughter and basically set her up to be trafficked. The girl caught this on video and showed it to her mom. The mom complained about the worker and got the worker fired. They basically said that those kids had to prostitute in order to get food or other needs met. I just hope the mom let her daughter come back home and actually work things out with the child. But it is unlikely that she did.

What do you think?

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1 month ago

I bet traffickers have infiltrated the whole child welfare system, what better place for them to recruit?

1 month ago

The only surprise here is that more victims aren’t speaking out. This is built in to the system, it is not an anomaly or undesired outcome.
For those who feel eternally special above others and deserve “status”, hear this: you are only allowed to roam at large with your insanity because you are not valuable enough to kidnap for deeper reasons. I love you enough to tell you this. Break the ‘enchantment’.

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