Jay Z-The Dynasty(2000)

Jay Z showing his allegiance to the Illuminati back in 2000.

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1 month ago

The most obvious signal is the flashed hands in the shape of the Saturn seal (666) from the Saturn MAGIk Kube, which is reflected in Fr33ma$onry’s symbol, and is used to “project power” of a Luciferian.

Inside the seal of Saturnus/Satanas on his throat chakra is a necklace encoded with highbsymvolic meaning: it is 1311, or 33, alternately 6, the number of time and space. And is connecting to the number of years it takes lunar and solar eclipses to repeat themselves in the same positions over the same constellations in the same point of a year, what is known as a SARuS, which is 4 sets of 325-326-325-326, or 1302, being 1301+1.

It is also PM, which is Post Meridian, or the SETting sun, and encodes an English-Hebrew Gematria of 90, or the most sacred angle for trigonometry and the square set in Luciferian Fr33ma$onry. And a pure Hebrew Gematria of 120, being equal to 1/3 of a full circle, .33.

The meanings of p, from Semitic Pe, is equal to “mouth” and the M of Mem is Phoenician for “water.” The voice from the sea, which was of course a Siren, the most famous being Melocene, (look at your Starbucks cup) whom was a depiction of Capricorn, the sea goat, or the goat of mendes, also called the AEgean and was related to the Mary Diana, the mother and daughter of the luciferian trinity, which is why the virgin mother was infused as the highest worship in Catholicism. This is what is referred to as The Beast out of the Sea, written “therion thelassa” in revelations, thelassa being Tiamat, or the Babylonian primordial mother of chaos that birthed “the light” (Luciferians worship the light…)

The message is clear, Jay Z was announcing that he had taken an oath to “use his voice to project the light of the mouth of Lucifer unto the world.”

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1 month ago

he and beyonce were all about those symbols and tied to the illuminati over the past 20 years, its no surprise he’s one of the most famed rappers over the past 20 years

1 month ago

What sort of hat/wrapping is he wearing on his head? That does not look like the typical bandanna one would see worn on any other rapper’s album. Of course, I am guessing here as rap has never been my choice of music.