'90% Bots': Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Is a Military Grade Psy-Op Designed To Brainwash You (

90% Bots’: Elon Musk Reveals Twitter is a Military Grade Psy-Op Designed to Brainwash You.

It appears as though Twitter’s ‘daily users’ are automated spam bots that the Big Tech giants use to induce mass formation psychosis and other forms of social conditioning and oppression. If the board of Twitter decides to take Musk to court in order to force his purchase of Twitter then Musk will be able to present evidence in court that proves that most of Twitter’s users are bots.

Musk is not a conservative but is in fact a part of the one world government. He is likely a MK Ultra slave. I have listened to podcasts from individuals who claim to have known Musk. He allegedly believes that it is his purpose in life to usher in the antichrist and sign of the beast system. If or when Musk goes to court then the evidence and arguments that he and his lawyers present in court will be designed to establish legislation that will require you to accept digital id in order to access the internet, your bank account, medical records, the ability to vote, etc. If Twitter is a tool being used by government to manipulate you then the government will certainly continue to utilize Twitter or the destruction of Twitter in court to enslave you further.

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1 month ago

he will most likely be the reason that twitter, facebook, and all social media will become attached to one thing or app, this whole twitter thing is set up to most likely take twitter down