Number of Americans who believe in God drops to historic low: Poll (

Why would God bless a country who doesn’t even believe he exists?

What do you think?

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W .
W .
5 months ago

All going according to their plan. They have been pushing the religion of so called science for a very long time. They want people to be atheists and believe that death is the end. This is because they want to convince people to move their existence into a false reality matrix metaverse where they can live forever, which will be sold as ‘free from disease’, ‘free from (so called) pandemics’, ‘free from (so called) climate change’, ‘free from danger’. This is the secret long term agenda of the New World Order.

They plan to push transhumanism on the masses by making out that it is just to help the disabled, or to help monitor your health, or to improve your mental abilities but this is only the foot in the door. Their long term plan is to merge man with machines and to turn humans into cyborgs that connect directly into this hell false reality metaverse. They will most likely eventually develop pods that people exist within (just like in ‘The Matrix’ — which was predictive programming) which sustains their life. They plan not to force this upon the masses but to have them willingly enter into this eternal nightmare — in a reality that they totally and utterly control, with the ability to control thoughts and feelings of every type. And you thought censorship and control was bad now? — just think what it would be like if those same powers controlled your entire reality. We will not allow this. Do your part by informing others.

Steven Casteel
Steven Casteel
5 months ago

Funny. I went from fundamentalist Christian, to hardcore atheist, then after learning more and experiencing psychedelics I’m definitely of the belief that there is some kind of creator hierarchy that could be called God and demigods.

Reality is friggin’ weird. And I can’t unsee and unfeel the esoteric mystical things that I have.